The Dark Side of the Anahita

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Until now the Anahita Shiraz template only came with a light theme. This month I had some time to develop the dark theme for the Shiraz template as well. Use the dark theme for your gaming, fashion, artistic, or that none-vanilla subculture lifestyle social networking project that you are about to launch and let your members experience the dark side of Anahita.

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Change Log

The following is the change log for the Anahita Shiraz template 1.2 Birth Release:


* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note?>


===Version 1.1===
^ hardcoded url for the favicon has been removed
^ manifest date, author, and desicription have been updated.
+ style2.css has been added
^ color codes have been moved to the anahita social networking engine and apps to the style1.css file
+ preset2.png icon in the admin/presets has been added
^ The preset2 info has been added to the gantry.config.php as the Dark theme

Do Update Your Shiraz Template

If you are using the default Shiraz template on your Anahita installation do update your Shiraz template. A lot of improvements and changes have been done in the new release that are necessary for the next releases of Anahita ™, Groups, Discussions, Photos, and Connect to render properly. For example all the css color codes have been removed from the Anahita™ and applications and instead they have been added to the Shiraz template. If you don’t upgrade your Shiraz template, the next time that you will be upgrading the Anahita™ and apps a lot of the colors will be missing until you upgrade your template.

To upgrade the Shiraz template, download the most recent copy of Anahita package from here and then go to the administration back-end of your Anahita Installation. Under Extend > Install/Uninstall select and upload your template zip file package.

Do Update Your Anahita Templates

If you have developed you own custom Anahita templates that are perhaps a derivative of Shiraz template, you very likely need to upgrade your css files so the next updates of Anahita social networking engine, Groups, Discussions, Photos, and Connect won’t won’t distort how your pages are rendered.

That is because all the css color codes from the Anahita™ and the existing applications have been moved to the new Shiraz template. To get a list of CSS tags that contained color codes (or styling images) checkout the style1.css and style2.css files in the css directory of the new Shiraz template.

What’s next?

In the upcoming releases of Anahita Shiraz template we would like to experiment with the iPhone friendly features of the Gantry framework so we can have pages that are more user friendly for the iPhone devices.

3 Replies to “The Dark Side of the Anahita”

  1. Well done guys, Shiraz is a super customizable template and im only starting to see the massive array of things that can be done with – cant wait for the mobile friendly version and more

  2. Hmm… no mobile support yet thats a shame 🙁 as thats a crititical MUST have before I consider Anahita…
    when you say in the upcoming release whats your eta on mobile friendly? IE my users must be able to view their profiles, post etc from their phones…

  3. @Dominic there will be iphone and later Android support too. Anahita Shiraz template is an ongoing project with more features and improvements with every new release. There is nothing shameful about building in stages, in fact that is something to be proud of.

    We don’t post ETAs publicly. We only announce new releases when they are ready.

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