Anahita™ Connect is now available for download

Anahita Connect

We have a new addition to our collection of social applications. Anahita™ Connect provides single-click authentication to the people on your Anahita powered social network using their existing Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Anahita™ Connect does a lot more than that. The current implementation allows people to publish their Anahita story updates on their facebook and twitter news feeds.

Basically a person profile can be paired with a Twitter and Facebook account. Once a person posts a story update, it also gets posted on their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

In the same fashion, a group profile can also be paired with a Twitter account, so the story updates of a group will also be published in their Twitter feed.


Anahita™ Connect is in fact the implementation of OAuth technology for Anahita. This also means that social app developers can use the Anahita Connect API and develop Anahita social applications that post notifications on twitter and facebook. For example announcing that a new group or event has been created on your Anahita powered social network.

The Anahita Connect social app is currently available as an Embryo release, however we are using it right now on the Anahitapolis. Using an embryo release to power our own business is part of the process of squashing the bugs as well as improving and polishing the social application. The Birth release is likely to happen this month. Right now our premium subscribers can download the Embryo release of Anahita Connect by going to this page.

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  1. As always great update and extremely exciting release………. expect my presence in the premium subscribers in a few moments 😉

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