Anahita Social Networking Engine 1.5.3 Birth has been released

Anahita™ social networking engine 1.5.3 Birth release is now available for download. This release includes a number bug fixes, improvements in the Anahita™ Framework especially in the groups library that are required for the Anahita™ Groups 1.0 Birth release. This release also includes the latest Gantry Framework version 3.1.18.

If you are upgrading from the earlier Birth releases of Anahita you can just use the 1.5.3 upgrade package instead. Just simply:

  1. Login  to the Anahita administration back-end
  2. Go to Extend > install/uninstall
  3. Choose the upgrade package from your desktop and press “Upload file & install”

The following is the change log for the Anahita 1.5.3 Birth release:

* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note?>


===Version 1.5.3===
# AnDomainMapperMixinRelationship::materializeReleationships wasn't materializing the newly saved entities
# Cascading delete now use the collection query vs the modified collection query
# Misspelled 'afer.delete' in the AnDomainRepositoryCommandCache
^ Group Following and Creationg stories now show regardless whether the viewer is following them or not
^ Group admins can choose an admin both from their own listo of follower as well as the group
^ To ensure the creator of a group doesnt lock itself out of the group, for time being the author of a group can not unfollow a group. Also other admins
can't remove the original author from the list of admins
^ When a follower is added or removed as a group administrator, they also become follwer or stop following the group respectively. Also when an admin
unfollows a group, they also releive themselves from the group administrator
+ Added method AnSekitActionMixin::removeViewAction to remove an action from view
+ Added method AnSekitPersonAction::displayActions to turn off/on socialgraph actions
# fix AnDomainRepository::deleteAll method by remving the hardcoded jos in the delete statement.
this method now supports delete joined statements as well for entities with multi-table
# delete rule nullify is working property now
^ The KTemplateAbstract::findPath now caches the files found for each template
# Fixed the Gantry Ajax save problem. It's a work around for now by checking the $_GET['tmpl'] if it's gantry-ajax-admin
+ Added character limit for story updates, comment body and medium descriptions
^ The dashboard shows the gadgets from all the apps not and just the one the viewer has installed.
# Fixed the editing comment action in the story feed. The comment form was hidden
# Unsupported assignment combinations have been removed from the Administrator > Social Engine > Application > Edit screen.
# The comment on the story page doesn't redirect
^ the com_socialengine dispatcher in the admin side is no longer using legacy global mainframe
^ About information sekit has been updated.