Anahita™ Groups 1.0 Birth release now available

This is the first birth release in the collection Anahita™ social applications and one of the most essential ones. We have been using the Anahita™ Groups for about 6 months now to provide service and support to the Anahitapolis members. The only problem was that until recently only the website administrators were able to create and maintain groups. In the 1.0 Birth release any of user types within the system, depending on the configuration, can be allowed to create their own groups, assign administrators, and maintain them.

Anahita Groups Profile

An Anahita™ group profile is just like a person profile except that a group represents a collection of people coming together to collaborate and stay updated in regards with a shared goal or context. A group has:

  1. an avatar
  2. identity (title, description)
  3. a story feed
  4. a social graph
  5. a collection of social application that are available within it such as (Photos, Discussions, blogs, etc.)


Anahita Social Apps within a group

Instances of applications such as discussions, photos, blogs, etc. work within group and people profiles. A group can be followed just like how a person can be followed. A group is entitled to privacy just like a person is entitled to privacy. Group administrators have the option to remove or ban followers from a group.

To learn more about the Anahita™ Groups visit this page. Premium members can download the package and install it on the Anahita™ 1.5.3 and later.


7 Replies to “Anahita™ Groups 1.0 Birth release now available”

  1. Oh you are waiting for the blog! We will have blogs after the folksonomy libraries are implemented in the next release. Building the blogs after that will be quite simple!

  2. Please update your broken link for photos for the Anahita premium package. I purchased it yesterday and I do not have time to wait 72 hours for your company to get back to me. This is not acceptable. Time is money. please update this problem. Many thanks!

  3. @K the link was broken for a short while because we are reorganizing the SVN and building the Anahita Photos Birth release as we speak. We apologize for the inconvenience. The link has been updated and if you can wait a bit longer we will have the stable packages ready too soon. I’ve just sent you an email with more information.

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