Anahita™ Discussions 1.0 Birth Release is now available

Rastin and Ash the Anahita Core Development Team

This is the second Anahita™ social application that reaches the Birth release. Anahita™ Discussions is one of the first application that we have been using for over 9 months to provide support on Anahitapolis and it has been evolving fast since.

Anahita Discussions - Topics

Anahita™ Discussions is an extremely light weight social app for people to create topics and comment on them. The main difference between Anahita™ Discussions and the traditional discussion boards is the fact that it integrates seamlessly with the Anahita™ social networking engine and it is especially developed for the social networking context.

Anahita Discussions - Privacy Settings

Instances of Anahita™ Discussions work within the groups and people profiles. Group administrators have the right to set privacy permissions or moderate the topics within their own domain. In this fashion the task of moderation and administration is distributed amongst the community members.

Anahita Discussions - Commenting on the topics from the Story Feed

As people follow more groups, all the incoming topics and comments from those groups show up on their dashboard. It is also possible to comment on a topic right from the dashboard’s story feed without having to visit a group.

Anahita Discussions - Leaders Topics

As the last touch we have added a layout that enables a person to view or search all the incoming topics from the groups and people profiles that they are following.

In the upcoming releases of Anahita™ as we are developing the libraries for tagging and folksonomy, all the topics within a discussion board can be tagged by the community members.

To learn more and download the Anahita™ Discussions social app visit this page