Update on the Anahita™ Subscriptions App

Update on Anahita™ Subscriptions

On January 18th when we announced the Anahita Social Networking Engine 1.5 birth release, we also mentioned that there will be a new highly requested social app added to our collection.

The new app is actually the Anahita™ Subscriptions which we have been using for the past 3 weeks to sell our Premium Tribe membership plan. The application has been working quite nicely actually except one bug which prevented the users to sign up using the American Express cards. We think this application will be a great option for many people who will be selling membership plans, for example commercial GPL developers.

We haven’t yet made downloadable packages for the Anahita™ Subscriptions available. We realized that some design changes could really improve the application so we are working on that. The code is however available to all our Premium and First Tribe members in the code repository, so those who know their way around software development and building Anahita social apps can start experimenting with it.

I will be posting more updates for you regarding the Anahita™ Subscriptions app as soon as we are done with the design changes for the first release. If you are not a Premium or First Tribe member and you have questions or suggestions regarding this project, please feel free to post them on the Anahitapolis Atrium group. You can apply for a free account here.