Anahitapolis Free Code Giveaway

We had promised you that after giving the Anahita™ Social Networking Engine 1.5 Birth release to our premium members, we would also make the Anahita™ 1.0 alpha3 available to public to download for free. Yes that is free as free beer. You can download the distro package from here.

We have been using the Anahita 1.0 alpha3 to power Anahitapolis for about 3-4 months in 2010. We are no longer using it. Please keep in mind that we are neither providing support for this alpha release nor accepting bug reports, because most likely the bugs have been resolved already.

This release is for your eyes only! It is already made available as a distro package with the Gantry framework and the Anahita Shiraz Template. You can install it as you install a copy of Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc. on your server or local machine.

This release also does not include any of the Anahita social apps such as groups, projects, discussions, and photos. If you would like to use the latest Birth release as well as the latest Embryo releases of our social apps that we are using to power Anahitapolis you can sign up here


6 Replies to “Anahitapolis Free Code Giveaway”

  1. Hi Rastin & Arash

    Is gantry framework a requiremnet to create a new template or edit an existing template?

  2. @Sammy no it is not. Anahita Shiraz template has been developed using the Gantry framework, however it is possible that you you develop an Anahita template that doesn’t require gantry.

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