Anahita Social Networking Engine Birth release 1.5.2 is now available for download

This the 2nd minor release after the initial 1.5.0 Birth release on January 18th. A number of bugs have been fixed including ones occurring when the Tachyon template from the RockeTheme is installed.

To download you latest release as well as the upgrade package you can go to this page.

What’s in this release?

Here is the summary of the change log:

===Version 1.5.1===

^ In com_templates/admin.templates.html.php file 2 icons where hard coded to the khepri template. They are now using rt_missioncontrol_j15 icons. Template override is not an option becuase the com_templates is not MVC
- joomla legacy icons from the images folder have been all removed.
^ Anahita favicon.ico files have been added for the distro and installation folder.
# Actor status update javascript bug fix
# Document genrator meta tag
* KDatabaseAdapterAbstract::execute should convert the query to string first. Not doing so caused some wierd behavior using AnDomainQuery
* Dashboard loads the applications whose component are disabled
* Fixed the socialgraph bug that deleted the edges
- Removed socialengine install/uninstall
+ Added Application::getAcl()

===Version 1.5.2===
+ The avatar story updates shows the small size newly updated avatar
+ The URLs in the status now turns into hyperlinks
+ Supports new Gantry 3.7.1
+ Convient method to add a template path to a view on fly $view->addTemplatePath();
- Removed the target version checking in the extension installer
- Removed the AnWebFilterInterface
# Set the default install MySQL adapter to Mysqli from Mysql.
# Fixed Directory Seperator bug in the URL after calling AnCsTemplateMedia::findMediaPath in windows machine
# Using @template() doesn't append tmpl to the paths that points to a template
# Internet Explorer youtube video javascript fix
# The story aggregated id is now set after a story is inserted
# fix the smartload issue in the gantry by wrapping avatar in tag
^ The Webfilters are now just KFilterInterface with a decorated method filter that calls sanitize

Upgrading Anahita™

Upgrade is quite simple. Here are the instructions:

  1. Backup your files and database
  2. Go to this page and download the 1.5.2 Update Package. It is a zip file.
  3. Sign into the Anahita administration back-end
  4. Go to Extend > Install/Uninstall
  5. Choose the package file from your desktop and upload it. You’ll get a confirmation that Anahita has been updated.