Anahita Social ™ Tweets now available to the Tribe of Partners

The Anahita – Twitter integration is the first social app that is available for the Anahita Social Engine 1.0 alpha3 codebase.

David Joly

Anahita Social ™ Tweets codename David Joly from has been named after the super awesome Anahita partner who has funded half of the development hours for this social app and agreed that we release the code under the GPL2 to all the Anahita Partners and continue maintaining the codebase in Anahitapolis.

Anahita Social ™ Tweets

Anahita Social ™ Tweets provides all the necessary APIs for the following features:

  • Reading incoming tweets from an existing Twitter @account and displaying them either in a Gadget or the Story Feed.
  • Signing up a user through twitter if they don’t have a registered account. In this case they still have to register through the site but their account gets linked after registration.
  • Mapping an authenticated Twitter user to an Anahita user.
  • Quick Sign-in using an existing Twitter @account credentials
  • Handling multiple Twitter accounts for an actor node (Person, Group, Event, Project, etc. )
  • Posting a story update, custom message, or system notification from Anahita Social Engine ™ to one or many Twitter Accounts belonging to an Actor node.

The API is quite fun and simple to use. To give you an idea here is an example:


Speaking of Twitter you, can follow us @anahitapolis and hashtag #anahita to receive updates about the Anahita project.

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