Meeting Luther

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Left to Right – (Rastin, Luther, and Ash)

I know it is a bit late, but better be late than never 🙂 About 9 days ago we’ve had the privilege to meet one of our project’s early supporters and Anahita partners who was coming from California and visiting us in Vancouver, BC.

Luther is from the and he was doing a workshop in Resistance Stretching and Meridian Flexibility System in a studio in North Vancouver.

Unfortunately Ash and I were too sleep deprived from long development hours that weekend to be able to make it to Luther’s workshop, but we did get a chance to show him around the Yaletown, False Creek, and Burrard Bridge area. It was such a great experience meeting one of the people who has been an early supporters of the Anahtia project in person. We are looking forward to the day that we can invite all the Anahita partners together here in Vancouver and meet them in person.

Yaletown, 5-Oct-08

Vancouver, Yaletown

Vancouver, Burrard Bridge

Burrard Bridge, Vancouver – photo by wasabicube

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  1. Thanks guys! Meeting you two was the highlight of my Vancouver trip. It was refreshing to hear the passion you both have for coding, Anahita, Nooku, Joomla, etc. In particular, I enjoyed our discussion about how the Nodes+Graphs+Stories architecture employed in Anahita goes well beyond the scope of online social communities and is in essence modeled after the organic building block structure of every day life. It was clear to me when I first learned about this project that you both have a vision and well thought out philosophy behind your code, which is why I decided to become an Anahita partner early on. I have been satisfied with that decision and am even more so now having had the chance to communicate with you both in person. It’s great to be a part of the tribe. Keep up the great work!

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