Officially Out of the realm of the old architecture

A while ago we have released the Anahita Social Engine ™ 0.9.4 to the tribe of partners. The new social engine code has been rewritten from ground up based on a Nodes-Graphs-Stories architecture and domain driven design. We are happy to announce that 2 of the main social applications – Anahita Social ™ Photos and Anahita Social ™ Discussions – have also been rewritten based on the new framework and platform and we are now officially done with the old code and looking forward to build all the upcoming extensions and social apps based on the new Anahita Social Engine ™ architecture.

Anahita Social ™ Photos - Album View

Our hard work is already paying off. Now it takes way less code to develop social apps and the written code is even more organized and easier to maintain. It is indeed a lot of fun developing social apps using Anahita and Nooku Frameworks!

Currently the Anahitapolis demo is powered using the release of Anahita Social Engine, Photos, and Discussions. This can be considered the alpha release. We have already made the installable packages available to the Anahita tribe of partners.

We have also started developing the Anahita Social Engine version 0.9.5 which will be the polished version of 0.9.4 code with a few additional essential features such as Privacy Management and Access Control List (ACL) apis. We think the 0.9.5 code will be stable enough for launching live social networks.

Two new Anahita extensions will allow integration with the Twitter and FacebookConnect services and they are being developed using the 0.9.5 code base. Once Anahita Social Engine 0.9.5  is ready, we will be updating the Photos and Discussions apps to work with the new code accordingly.

Generous Contributions from the Anahita Partners

Our special thanks go to the team at whose financial contributions made it possible for us to implement the required APIs in the Anahita framework for developing specialized actor nodes. That is the infrastructure required for developing Groups, Events, Organization Pages, etc.

Because of their help we have successfully implemented a working proof of concept and the required libraries, APIs that are already available in the Anahita Social Engine 0.9.4 code. The development of Anahita Social ™ Groups will commence immediately after the Anahita 0.9.5 release.

We also would like to thank Mr. David Joly from who has funded half of the development hours for the two Anahita extensions that will make integration with the Twitter and FacebookConnect services possible. Both extensions will be available with the 0.9.5 release to the Anahitapolis community and partners’ tribe under the GPL license. We will be continuing to maintain and nurture the code base on Anahitapolis.

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  1. @Marco @Gio thank you gentlemen! Yes that is the goal.

    @Gio – I don’t want to put out a release date, because people will take it as a promise. But soon. 0.9.5 is really about polishing 0.9.4 and having some of the essential social apps in place so we can all launch our social networking projects 🙂

  2. Super update as always, really looking forward to this 0.9.5 release, promises to really be a powerful piece of kit for the joomla world.

  3. in what time period do you guess that the actual release of anahita will be? At that time what license will it be? Open GPL? I don’t know if I’m reading out of date information on stuff from ’07 ’08 – has your overall direction changed since then?

  4. @Josh @Peter I wouldn’t want to put out any actual release data because people by mistake that that as a promise. What I can tell you that it is unlikely that the next release – 0.9.5 – take as long as the 0.9.4 did (4-5 months). That is because we rewrote the 0.9.4 from ground up. For 0.9.5 we are polishing the code and building based on what we have already developed. It is in our interest to have everything ready yesterday! but good software development takes time and patience.

    Anahita Social Engine and all the related extensions and social applications will be distributed under the GPL2 license.

    All Anahita code is “free as free liberty” but NOT everything will be “free as free beer”. We will only be making the Anahita Social Engine framework and platform available for free download. In order to obtain Anahita extensions, social apps, and other service you are required to sign up as one of the paid membership plans. Currently the partners tribe is one option.

    “I don’t know if I’m reading out of date information on stuff from ‘07 ‘08”

    Where are you reading those information from?

    “has your overall direction changed since then?”

    What change are we talking about? Since 5 months ago only the Anahita software architecture has changed, but the overall vision has been the same.

  5. Hey Anahita team. I want to know when we will be able to launch our own social networks and how can a become more involved in this project.


  6. @Rastin – Ok briliant. I see I have to pay 500$ per year? Is this completly necesary, can I not just sign up and get mailed when there is a stable version.

  7. You can follow our announcements on blog and twitter. We will be making the Anahita Social Engine for free download actually, but to receive support and access all the extensions and social apps you need to sign up for a plan.

    There is a demo that you can look at right now with real people on it. If you contact us with your first name, last name, company name and a description of what your project is about and we’ll give you an account on the demo website.

  8. @Rastin – Ok, I have signed up. I am sorry though for leaving my company name out, I am still thinking of one and then still need to register it. Other wise I have filled out everything correctly, I think. Can’t wait to check it out.

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