Facebook New Architecture – Sounds Familiar !!!

Facebook has recently introduced their new architecture at F8 live event. Basically they have re-wrote their platform from ground up to unify representation of objects like people, pages, photos and the connection between them (e.g., friend relationships, shared content, and photo tags). Sounds familiar ?

Yes it’s the ol’ Anahita Nodes-Graphs-Stories . Nodes representing the objects in the Social Network,  Graphs set of connections between the nodes and Stories, the news that travel through the graphs between between nodes.

I am glad to see the concept that we have based Anahita is also being used in the Facebook platform, and hopefully this becomes a common protocol among all the Social Networking platforms.

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  1. Hi Soe, thank you so much. joomla.org is definitely not the final frontier. If they ask for our help we are more than happy to offer, if not there are yet many problems that need to be solved in the social web field. Anahita is still a young project and she is enjoying a natural and healthy growth. When the time is right, wonderful things will happen 🙂

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