Anahita Demo Will be Updated to The 0.9.4 Release

Update: Demo is now using fresh code!

In the next few days we will be updating the Anahita demo website with new version 0.9.4 code. We are quite excited since the new code base has been rewritten from ground up based on the Nodes+Graphs+Stories architecture and Domain Driven Design. We can’t wait to show it to all the people on the demo website.

There will be bugs and broken features. We will be working round the clock to resolve those issues until the Anahita 0.9.4 is nice and stable. Your patience is highly appreciated!

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  1. Looking forward to it Rastin:) very much admire your enthusiasm – don’t let even those fire alarms slow you down:)

  2. @Diego – same here, we are still fixing little issues but pretty close.

    @James – thank you so much no fire alarms or fire trucks can stop us. The show must go on! 🙂

    @iLLz – good call, I’ll install a retweet and share on facebook button

    @markus – you don’t have to be a partner to see a demo, but we do have a chat with people before giving them an account. I’d rather have people in who are working on a social web project, have questions to ask about Anahita, and being a developer or leading a development team is a great plus but not mandatory.

  3. Great new Rastin! Are you guys still on track for a public demo at the end of this month? I am anxiously awaiting.

  4. i cant, too… 🙂 i’m curious about public release 🙂 in roadmap its said 0.9.5 will likely be public edition…

    however, public have waited for months, i would like to say, thnx 😉

  5. Awesome news guys, can’t wait.

    Am really stoked with all the effort you guys have been putting in.

  6. @Steve – if we were happy with the 0.9.4 code base we might make the Anahita Social Engine ™ component available as a pre-release. Anahita Social Apps and Extensions will be available to the partners.

    @Ben – The 0.9.5 is due for late April or mid may. I have updated the roadmap.

    @Tom @Marvin @Max – thank you 🙂

  7. Hello.
    I’m glad that soon. It bothers me only that my competitors at the time of waiting has made social networking site. I just hope that your product beats the possibilities of their website. On the occasion I would like to ask whether such an option would be to you when you open an account to receive a unique link to the profile, for example,
    Thanks. Regards.
    I apologize for possible errors. Text translated from Polish into English

  8. It looks like the roadmap timeline for the GPL release has changed from end of March to end of April 2010. Has there been some problem that is holding up the release?

  9. @Taquilla – it is unlikely to have full support for unique urls in this release, but there will be unique url support for all the actors (people, groups, events, etc.) eventually.

    Never though of doing subdomain style unique urls. That is something we have to experiment with.

  10. @steve – “Has there been some problem that is holding up the release?”

    Not really. Considering that currently the 0.9.4 release is becoming stable, it would make sense to think it would take at least 30-45 days for the 0.9.5 if everything goes smoothly. The framework is still brand new and nobody has any past experiences that could be used for making time estimates.

    Please keep in mind that the dates on the roadmap are only goals and not promises.

  11. Everything is awesome.
    I think Anahita will kick ass Jomsocial etc.

    I hope, that Anahita gives us an easily option to integrate other forum-software like phpbb3, ipb3 with Anahita.
    For Example: Clicking a Username in a Forum will link us to the profile in Anahita.

  12. @james – sure one could use the Anahita API to make it work with other discussion board applications, however one of the Anahita social apps is a discussion board that works seamlessly with the Anahita Social Engine, Events, Groups, etc.

  13. I have a marketing suggestion for you guys. Offer existing JomSocial customers a $100 discount and I am sure you will see a lot of converts. There are many of us who were suckered into purchasing JomSocial only to discover that it is a mess. I am counting the days until I can switch over to Anahita.

  14. Very nice.
    I’m looking forward to the public release.

    In the meantime I sent an email asking if it is possible to have an account of the Anahita’s 0.9.4 demo website. 🙂

    I would really like to see it and maybe give some feedback. 🙂

  15. You change for four time the launch day again? (Roadmap: we are aiming for late March, no April 2010… and in april your team set new launch day to maybe may, june or july?) please be serious, you are playing with the people.

  16. @Diego – Good software development takes time, resources, and patience. What you see on the roadmap are goals and not promises and the list is updated according to the latest status of the project.

  17. Yes good development takes time. But please be good is assessing the timeframe of your goal. There are developers and businessmen who are counting on your “goals” and moving the GPL release from the roadmap month after month since October last year means that your words and roadmap can’t be relied on.

  18. @marvin

    The Anahita Nodes+Graphs+Stories and Domain Driven Design architecture is brand new. There aren’t any other similar concepts out there. There hasn’t been any previous projects that we could base our estimates on.

    Even though Anahita is available as Joomla extensions they use very little from Joomla API and 99% of the code is written using the Anahita and Nooku framework.

    So far our estimates have been mainly based on intuition. We are still learning from the framework and platform that we have built ourselves, for example how long approximately it will take to build a social app.

    For the 0.9.4 release we have rewritten the entire codebase from ground up. After Anahita Social Engine has reasonably become stable, we also have to rewrite the essential social apps based on the new Architecture.

    @marving “There are developers and businessmen who are counting on your “goals” and moving the GPL release from the roadmap month after month since October last year means that your words and roadmap can’t be relied on.”

    At this point in time we are primarily committed to our partners and clients who have supported the Anahita project in many different ways. We are also posting the project status on our blog and twitter account for those who are interested. It is not possible to accelerate a project like this. It has to grow through it’s natural path.

    We have said it so many times: What you see on the roadmap are goals and not promises.

  19. “The Anahita Nodes+Graphs+Stories and Domain Driven Design architecture is brand new. There aren’t any other similar concepts out there.”

    Check out the Free DIY Social Network Platform: Maybe you can take some pointers and speed up the development.

  20. @Rastin Mehr – thank you!
    I sent you a message through the “Contact us” form at the page “”

    The message subject is titled “@Rastin Mehr: Anahita’s 0.9.4 demo website”

    Thanks again and have a great day.

  21. @marvin – Thank you so much! seems like a centralized hosted solution. That’s not what we are working on. Besides our challenge was more about not having the right framework and APIs to build architecture that we’ve had in mind and the only option left was to build it ourselves which is why we didn’t deliver on December 2009.

    @Riccardo – I’ll create an account for you as soon as I get to answer some of the inquiries today.

  22. The demo has been updated with 0.9.4 code, we will be bug squashing for the rest of the week. In the mean time I will be finishing up some blog posts that will better explain the NGS architecture and Domain Driven Design in this release.

  23. Hello

    I’v been following your project since the first announcements. Working as a webdeveloper, and a economist of network goods (graphs, and other principles of social networks), so to say, im desperate to find a simple, but effective social media solution for unique networks. I was a big fan of the former, and i was hoping, it became a commercial product, but it stucked. Anyway, i d like an account, if it is possible.

    w best regards

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