There is a bit of a line up for Partner’s Inquiries

I’ve got about 40 emails in my mailbox. Some have been accumulating during the holiday season and also we got quite a few inquiries last night after our previous post from developers and companies who showed interest in joining the Anahita’s tribe of partners.

Working from Raw Canvas Cafe right outside our Studio

I often like to have a bit of conversation with every prospect to learn more about their projects, what they do, to see whether we have much to offer to them. In the mean time we are really busy with the development of the Anahita 0.9.4 release and in between our break time we find some time to answer back to your emails. I’d like to make sure that all of them are answered within the next 5-7 days. If you have explained more about yourself, your company, and your project you are more likely to be contacted first. Emails that are only one-line or less are going to have to wait a bit longer.

Almost all the emails are filled with kind and encouraging words, thank you so much for all of your support and the fact that you take the time to write to us. I remember one person sent us some beautiful pictures of where he lived plus many good wishes.

We can’t wait to make the Anahita code available to you and see what the collective intelligence of all of us will create as a result.

4 Replies to “There is a bit of a line up for Partner’s Inquiries”

  1. ah, Chris! Nice seeing you here 🙂

    Just in case if you didnt go through the comments from the previous post; According to Rastin, there are high chances for Morph and Anahita working together and complement each other (IMO, superb and should be one of the best combo), especially collaboration and projects by partners, clients and community members 🙂

    And who knows one of the first to do it could be me myself 😛

  2. @Rastin,
    Ha ha ha! That’s the sign of a good entrepreneur – how many hats you can juggle at the same time 😛 I’m guessing you guys got my mail, so i’ll wait to hear from you once you manage to do some damage on your inbox 😉

    Nice to see you here too 😛 I hadn’t seen the previous post, so thanks for pointing that out. I am really excited to get my hands dirty with Anahita – seems to be a serious contender in the Social Apps Engine market & has me itching to get it looking sexy in Creativa 😉

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