Thank You For Presenting The Anahita Project

Ash and I would like to thank the Nooku and Beyounic teams for presenting the Anahita project at the Joomla Day Italia Rome and Nooku presentation. I must say nothing is more encouraging and energizing to us after long sleepless days of coding when a pack of truly awesome friends and brilliant minds spread the word for us with lots of enthusiasm half way across the planet. Ash and I feel truly blessed, appreciated and fortunate to meet and work with the Nooku (twitter: @nooku) and Beyounic (twitter: @beyounic) teams. Thank you for being so awesome 🙂

5 Replies to “Thank You For Presenting The Anahita Project”

  1. Thanks for creating such a great Social engine on top of Nooku Framework. As the first people building on our framework, you guys have given us so much insight in how we could make it better. That is an experience money can’t buy.

  2. @Mathias – thank you for developing the Nooku Framework 🙂 it is an amazing piece of work!

    @Nick – I wish we could have been there with you guys. I miss Roma so much. You guys have taken really nice pictures.

  3. Congratulations for speech on joomladay 2009 in Rome. Great project. i’m really exciting to use 1.0 😀 release of Anahita.

  4. Greetings!

    Like everyone else I can’t wait for the GPL launch either! I’ve been looking for an open source social networking solution for a while now and this is…. this is the one! Excellent interface powered by a intuitive technology. Did I dream you guys up?

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