So what is the status of Anahita 0.9.4 Release?

Ash (Peerglobe Technology) and Talia (TACN Studio)

The Anahita version 0.9.4 release has been late and for those of us who are wondering here is why: Anahita 0.9.4 is a major evolutionary stage for this project. We are rebuilding a lot of the core code and data model business logic from ground up to move towards a true organic and flexible architecture for developing all kinds of social networks. This release is where the Anahita design philosophy is finally coming through and the code-base will be more stabilized according to the vision that we have been nurturing for this project. The details of the implementation and concept have already been shared with our partners and we will be blogging the software design concepts here as soon as we are done implementing them. We are following an old convention of “build it first, brag later”, because it is always easy to talk about software development concepts in public, yet having a working and functioning code accompanied with our words is what we are after.

We are migrating to Nooku Framework 0.7 right away

That was supposed to be done for the Anahita 0.9.5 but instead we decided to start on that right away. Our initial goal was to implement the 0.9.4 features according to the road-map and then migrate to entire code to the Nooku Framework version 0.7, however soon we have realized that we needed the more advanced framework capabilities of the Nooku Framework 0.7 in order to develop the next release of Anahita.

For the more technical minds: A social network’s data model is far more sophisticated than a Content Management System (CMS) or a read/write web project. Up to now we have been using the Nooku Framework version 0.6.3 which provided us models, dynamic tables, rows, and rowsets and that was a significant improvement over what the default Joomla! 1.5 provided us, but for the next release of Anahita we are using a domain driven design approach and Nooku Framework 0.7 is required for a cleaner implementation.

So what is the plan?

Rastin Mehr (rmdStudio) & Ash (Peerglobe Technology)

At this moment Ash is working on migrating the Anahita Social Engine ™ to the Nooku Framework 0.7 and also implementing the domain objects too. In the mean time I am busy developing the Anahita Social ™ Photos from ground up because we weren’t thrilled with the previous facebook-like implementation of the photos ( updates on the com_photos will be blogged in the next 72 hours ) and also updating and finalizing the Anahita Social ™ Discussions application. The next step will be merging our codes and upgrade everything towards the 0.9.4 release.

So far the process has been going smoothly and no major design obstacles have been on our way, however writing good software does take time. At this point we are committed to help our partners who are planning to launch the first release of their projects by December, to meet their goals. We also have 3 projects of our own that need to be launched by then.

We’d also like to have the public release of Anahita ready by the first half of December. That is a goal and not a promise! We need to have all the proper infrastructure in place to deliver decent service and support to the Anahitapolis community. Everybody is so anxious to get their hands on the Anahita source code and by the time they do so, they will be having so many questions. We can handle helping our partners, but helping out a much larger community does require more resources in place before we can unleash the code to the public.

Yaletown, 12-May-09

Davie is our Angel Investor

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  1. Your product sounds interesting. Do you have a tentative time line for public access? I am in the middle of implementing social features and i came across your site.
    Would love top hear.

  2. Congratulations on progress so far !! I think (and I wish) that Anahita will be the most successful social networking solution ever. It has a great team of developers, a stable roadmap and a vision for creating a unique platform rather than a Facebook or Twitter clone.

    Good luck guys !!

  3. Thanks for this awesome product guys. Please provide a migration script from JomSocial to Anahita for a smooth transition. Keep up the good work!

  4. @Elbert – yes, the development took a bit longer. I am going to make some screen captures and post them up today. The dates that we post are goals not promises even though we really try to stick to them as much as possible.

  5. Great job! Very excited.

    Any new news available on the public release? I submitted an email about becoming a partner a couple of weeks ago but never got a response. Would love to get a jump on creating templates for this application.


  6. Very excited so far! Keep up the great work! Let me know if there is any work to be had on an automation testing platform for the public release.

  7. @Çağrı – Thank you we can’t wait for it either 🙂

    @Sam – Thank you! Please contact us one more time and tell us more about yourself, your project, and if it is due in 2-3 months from now

    @Ross – Thank you we’ll let you know

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