Anahita 0.9.3 Now Available To Our Partners

We would like to announce the release of Anahita 0.9.3 (Code Catmint) to our partners and the immediate start of the version 0.9.4 development following the Anahita roadmap

Anahita Social Engine ™ Person's Profile

The focus of version 0.9.3 has been to improve the Anahita templating, revise a standard CSS tag structure, and refactor all the Views so the core team and partners could start developing and configuring their project sites. We have also put in just about good enough basic tools for those who wish start developing social apps by using the Anahita Social ™ Discussions and Photos as the first blue prints for developing social apps.

Developing templates for Anahita is now not much different than developing templates for Joomla, the only issue that we are still dealing with is that Anahita is using the Mootools 1.2.3 and Joomla 1.5 is still using Mootools 1.1 so if there are modules that are developed for the old version of Mootools they may not work in the Anahita environment.

All the template outputs, social engine and social apps CSS code are over-writable at the template level. We are also looking into ways so even the Javascript libraries will become re-writable so those who wish to write their own custom javascript code for a particular social web project be able to do so.

We will be writing a blog post about template customization for Anahita, and thanks to the Joomla’s superb template engine and Nooku Framework, Anahita is now powered with one of the finest template engines available today.

Anahita Social Engine ™ Social Cloud

Anahita Social ™ Discussions

So what will be in Anahita 0.9.4 ?

The focus of version 0.9.4 will be as following:

1. Implementing dashboard gadgets for social applications. Social applications will be able to integrate with the Social Engine dashboard view to display news and content that are coming from your social cloud.

2. Social App management  System and Social App directory where users can browse applications and add them to their profile

3. Generalizing the Social Graphing API so a person, as a social network node, be able to follow the activities of other social network nodes ( people, objects, sub-containers, etc. )

4. Activity updates will be improved to handle the new social graphing implementatin

5. Improved privacy management: so developers can easily add privacy control to their social apps

6. Anahtia Social ™ Discussions app will be released as beta

7. Anahita Social ™ Photos will be revamped and become more like in many primary aspects. For example ability to assign images to multiple albums, tagging, commenting, slideshows, and privacy settings. We have all the API in Anahita, why not use them to build a decent photo sharing app after all?

8. Implementing FacebookConnect™ so you can help the fans and friends from facebook easily signup with your social website or possibly publish stories on the facebook from your social websites (we will see after the implementation)

Be a part of the experience

Anahita is not just one Joomla extension. It is a:

  • Colleciton of extensions
  • Framework/platform
  • Design philosphy

If you’d like to learn the API through a peer support network of core developers and partners you can apply to become an Anahita Social ™ Partner and be a part of this amazing experience while supporting one of the most promising social web projects on the web today.

We post the daily project updates on Twitter: follow us @anahitapolis

16 Replies to “Anahita 0.9.3 Now Available To Our Partners”

  1. I have next question if he will be (is) the dealt out language layer, that someone could make the translation of the component (both in the admin panel and front). Not all people speak anglish, as you know.

  2. hi @paul,

    It’s up to our users to decide whether they find Anahita Social Engine ™ more useful for their needs than any other similar products. We, on purpose, stay off from competing directly with any of these products because we would end up copying features from others as opposed to follow our own vision.

  3. @paul – Anahita is fully translatable. We are keeping the translation files for both site and admin organized as we go

    and well said @ash “better” is in the eyes of the beholder so it would be up to @paul to decide 🙂

  4. Thanx, I made a polish translation for JomSocial, so I can make a translation for Anahita, too. You should be better. Remeber to make some option for moderators, like: del post, block IP of “bad” user, Words Censor for automatic filtering of all “bad & ugly” content (words from editable list), etc.

  5. is there a timeframe in place for the public release of Anahita and are you including any options for conversion of existing social profiles for those of us looking to escape from jomsocial or similar?\n\nThere are obviously a ton of features that will make Anahita stand out from the rest but for the very base level a conversion utility would give you the highest chance for users of current softwares to try out Anahita and make the choice for themselves.

  6. As far as I can see implementing of Sub-Containers for developing (Groups, Events, organization pages, etc.) has been moved from version 0.9.4 to version 0.9.5. Why?

  7. Hi all,

    do you plan to support other media rich content beside pictures, like video (not youtube referencing), PDF etc. that can be shared by the users (one-to-one, one-to-many). This would be great with respect to Education, Universities and e-Learning, e.g. sharing PDF or video tutorials/lectures to the students.

    According to this background KalturaCE might be interesting fot integration in your platform. By the way, Kaltura is currently fostering the integration of their platform by paying $3,000 + $1,500 (-> Frenzy Challenge II) for developing an appropriate extension.

    BR, Peer

  8. @paul – moderation tools will be added after all the basic infrastructure are in place. We’ve learnt that different communities require different syles of moderation and spam filtereing. Those tools should be added as Anahita extensions or Part of the Social Apps. They are definitly needed and part of the plan, but it would be unlikely if we included them all as a part of the Anahita Social Engien ™ itself!

  9. @leigh – here is the Anahita roadmap with all the dates:

    By the way those milestones are goals and not promisses. Going public is not just about having stable code, we should prepare and have the infrastructure to deliver good service to thousands of people. If you’d like to have early access to the code and knowledge you could join our growing group of partners:

    You can contact us for more details.

    Regarding the conversion tools we are first focusing on building a solution worth migrating to. Developing migration scripts from other platforms to Anahita will be inevitable will certainly happen in collaboration with the Anahitapolis community 🙂

  10. @Elund – we need to develop the building blocks for the subcontainers in the 0.9.4 release. We will be posting the technical details and the 0.9.4 vision in the Anahita Group this weekend and would love to know your feedback too.

  11. @Peer – collaborative content management and sharing tools are installed as Anahita Social ™ Applications on the Anahita Social Engine ™. Those applications are used for managing articles, pictures, video, links, documents, files, etc. in a scial or collaborative manner.

    and possibilities are endless when it gets to developing social applications. More details will be posted after the 0.9.4 release in that regard.

  12. One the main issues of your competitors (whatever you like this type of equalizations) is that they fail to integrate the groups, the events and the profiles into multi-sharing environment.
    I.e. is it possible to develop applications for Anahita, that are executed in Groups, Events etc.?

  13. @Ivo – that is the concept of Anahita sub-containers and yes as you said they contain a list of social applications. I am really tempted to write more about it right now, but it would be wiser that we build it first then talk about it 😉

    Just keep stay tunned for the next 2 months!

    btw: there no competetors only “variations”

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