Presenting Anahita Social ™ Engine at Vancouver DemoCamp 7

We have been presenting Anahita Social Engine ™ at the Vancouver Demo Camp 7 hosted in WorkSpace last Tuesday (July 7th). We would like to thank our wonderful friends Boris Mann, Sonia Ryan, and Roland Tanglao from the Bootup Entrepreneurial Society who provided this great opportunity for us to present our project to a crowd of 60~80 people and have the opportunity to hear the BuddyPress presentation at the same place by the great folks from the Automattic.Thank you Roland for the great video that you’ve made.

We have also embeded the slideshare version of Anahita Social Engine ™ DemoCamp7 edition for you since the slides in the video aren’t quite clear.

Thank You Anahita Partners

This project wouldn’t be possible without you
Mr. Elund Christensen

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