Anahita Social Engine ™ with Joomla! from Nooku TV

Anahita Social Engine with Joomla! from Nooku on Vimeo.

Peter Russell interviews me about Anahita (a social engine framework for Joomla). At its core Anahita is powered by Nooku Framework.
My experience with Nooku Framework took Anahita to unexpected levels:

  • rmd Studio and Peerglobe Technology discover Nooku Framework
  • Subsequently entirely re-wrote Anahita (using Nooku) in six weeks
  • Far more fun!
  • Could not have built Anahita without Nooku Framework
  • Plugs into Joomla!
  • “Symbiotic Alien-life form inside Joomla! makes Joomla better and smarter and live longer…”
  • Nooku is “the MVC core that Joomla always wanted”

Thank you SO much peter and the Nooku team, you guys are amazing.

I wish my best friend and business partner Ash Sanieyan was there with me in the interview as well. He has been spending countless sleepless nights perfecting the Anahita Social Engine ™ technology and he could have provided many interesting inputs about the project from his perspective. Perhaps next time, he’ll get to play the solo on the stage!