Hello World!

Yaletown, 20-Oct-08

We have just launched this site so we are too tired to post a long and informative blog post, and please don’t touch anything yet, the paint is still a bit wet!

Anahitapolis.com is the Home of Anahita Social Engine ™ projects where we post updates, technical information, announcements and so on. This website will also be evolving to the support and distrobution of this framework.

So for the time being, here are some existing content that you may find useful:

Peerglobe Blog: Anahita Social Engine

Peerglobe Portfolio: Anahita Social Engine ™ & Development Framework

rmd Studio Blog: What is Anahita Social Engine ™

rmd Studio Portfolio: Anahita Social Engine ™ and Development Framework

Would you like to hire us to custom develop you a Social Web project?

Peerglobe Technology: Social Network Website Development

rmd Studio: Social Networking Development

and at the end, Johan Janssens and Mathias Verraes at Joomlatools totally Rock!