Anahita 4.3.3 Birth release available

Photo by Yu-Chan Chen

This release provides a number of fixes and improvements:

  1. fixed a number of issues in the notifications component
  2. used infinite scroll for the list of Transactions in the Subscriptions app
  3. fixed bug that prevented editing mentionable nodes
  4. added actor bar for the notes list view
  5. minimum php requirement is now set to version 5.6

Before upgrading your installations MAKE A BACKUP of your database and custom extensions. That way if things go wrong you can still recover.

Upgrading from version 4.3.*

If you are already using any of the version 4.3.* releases run the following commands in your Anahita root directory:

$ composer update
$ php anahita db:migrate:up

Upgrading from version 4.2.*

To upgrade from any of the older version of Anahita read to the following articles:

If you have a question or needed support, start a topic on the Anahita Tribe Support group.

The birth of Anahita with !Joomla

We finally put the exclamation mark before Joomla (pun intended). We now present you the first standalone Anahita with no Joomla! code in it. The new 4.3 Birth release has a smaller codebase and better performance.

A bit of history

Anahita started as an extension for Joomla! CMS. After a few releases, the Joomla architecture was constraining us from building a lightweight and flexible graph architecture and social networking platform. To address that issue we started making changes to the Joomla code to make it more flexible for our needs. The result was the Anahita 2.2.4 which was made available as a Joomla distro.

But that wasn’t enough. Since Anahita 3.0 we have been taking out Joomla code until now that there is nothing left of it in the 4.3 release.

Anahita codebase size since version 2.2.4
Anahita codebase size since version 2.2.4

This release took a while to happen, but as the diagram shows, it was worth it. Right now, Anahita’s codebase is about 11mb which is about 38% smaller than the version 3.0. The performance has also improved quite a bit as a result. Continue reading “The birth of Anahita with !Joomla”

Anahita 4.3 Embryo release is in the master branch

English Bay WestEnd, Vancouver, BC, Canada
English Bay WestEnd, Vancouver, BC, Canada

It is official that the Anahita 4.3 Embryo release is now in the master branch and we are currently using on on our live website. From this point we will be further bug fixing and polishing the code towards a stable Birth release.

Anahita 4.3 is the first stand alone Anahita codebase that doesn’t have any Joomla code in it. We no longer have an administration back-end. It is all happening in the front-end and developed using the native Anahita framework. Since version 3.0 that we started removing the Joomla code from Anahita codebase, it’s been reduced by 40% in size even though we’ve been adding new features such as hashtag, mention, and location graphs.

There will be more updates regarding this release on our blog, so stay tuned.

Critical bug fix in Anahita 4.2.4 Birth Release

While we were putting the upcoming Anahita 4.3 under vigorous testing, we discovered a bug which is also in the current release of Anahita. This bug doesn’t affect existing installations, but only those who are trying to install Anahita for the first time.

The problem happens when Anahita is trying to send out the first activation email and since the reply-to email is missing in the newly created configuration file, the mail library throws an error and as a result the first user – which is also the super admin – doesn’t get logged in.

We have recently switched to using SwiftMailer library in Anahita since the 4.2.3 release. This bug was the result of a logical error in our code which integrates SwiftMailer with Anahita.

While this issue isn’t affecting the existing Anahita installations Run the following command in your Anahita installation to get the updates:

composer update

ps: Anahita 4.3 embryo release is just around the corner

Anahita 4.2.3 Birth release update is available

A number of issues are fixed in this release:

  1. starting using SwiftMail and Anahita’s Mailer class instead of legacy joomla mailer
  2. improved the code that sends out notification mails
  3. updated email regex according to the latest w3c specs
  4. added tags url attributes for people, actors, and masonry photos so they can be filtered by hashtag, mention, or location
  5. updated robots.txt file
  6. fixed add/remove location locatable target url bug

Use the following command in the root of your Anahita installation to get the updates:

composer update